CEO Message

Welcome to our site! I am Andy Kim, CEO of Yulrim Airshaft.

We are sincerely grateful to our versatile customers all over the world who have spared no effort in this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Having achieved 34 years of growth through continuous innovations and taking on a countless number of challenges, Yulrim is taking a new leap to become a leading airshaft manufacturer with most innovative technologies in Korea.

Based on technological innovations, Yulrim obtained core technologies regarding airshafts and differential shafts applicable for lithium ion battery manufacturing facilities which are drawing the most attention in Korea nowadays.

In addition, we are now striving to become a global leading airshaft manufacturer. To achieve this goal, we are continuously equipping new facilities, implementing advanced management systems and R&D investment

we will further expand our customer relationships by overcoming technological limits to secure higher performance and collaborating on next-generation products.

We would be grateful for your interest and support.

Sincerely yours,

Yulrim Airshaft MFG., Co.

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