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Customer Center

Introducing Yulrim’s new facility (2020)

Welcome to Yulrim airshaft website.

We are proud to introduce our new facility as listed below. (Oct. 2020)

– Doosan Tapping Center T 4000L
– 700 x 400, 21 ATC / 12,000 rpm
– 8-inch rotary index

Recently, the demand for the aluminum parts installed on airshafts are increasing for the purpose of reducing product weight.
We have purchased a tapping center only for aluminum parts processing in order to overcome the system limitation of cross processing steel and aluminum with the machining center processing high modulus steels.

We invested even in the situation of which order amount is declining due to Covid crisis, finding that it is an opportunity to enhance workflows and will become the best airshaft manufacturer when the crisis is resolved.

Sincerely yours,
Andy Kim


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