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Customer Center

Manufacturing airshafts for K-quarantine related industries are our first priority.

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The unprecedented epidemic of Corvid-19 is causing many social changes.
As a result, the worldwide demand for coronavirus test kits, face masks and protective coverall suits made in Korea is exceeding supply and the business in related industries is very active.

We, Yulrim Airshaft as a leading domestic airshaft manufacturer for roll-to-roll facilities, are receiving orders from many face mask manufacturers

Each and every one of our customers is valued, but when we think about it in terms of corporate social responsibility, we, Yulim AirShaft, decided that it was more important to process this order first.

Therefore, our company produces and distributes the shafts required for the production of materials related to quarantine with the highest priority.

We will always strive to become a company that fulfills our social responsibilities.

(The picture was taken just before delivery of the first vehicle in 10 days after receiving orders from two domestic mask machine manufacturers.)

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