The cores might tremble while using YR-202 shafts in the fast line speed operation.
The cause of trembling comes from being unable to achieve concentricity between shaft and core while clamping, not from concentricity or balancing of the shaft.
To solve the problem, we isolated six rows of lugs into sequential air entry structure. The first air entry actuates aluminum lugs for centering and the second air entry actuates rubber lugs for clamping.
The aluminium lugs which actuated on first air entry do not clamp cores. It is designed to fit the inner diameter of the core for centering.

2 sets of lugs(3+3) will expand in turns.
First set will sustain core at center point, then second set with rubber will grip carton.

minimum slit width : wider than 10mm
web weight : 50~100 kg
material thickness : 20 ~ 250 microns
line speed : max. 400m/min

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