YR-206A(special airshafts)


YR-206A is an airshaft which can replace rubber-coated rollers mainly used in paper winding lines.

Rubber rollers are unable to separate the web from the roller since the paper winds directly on the rubber surface of the roller.
Thus, rewinding and slitting processes are unavoidable to move on to the next process once the web is wound on the roller.

When using YR-206A airshaft, you can easily remove the wound web from airshaft after letting the air out of airshaft, the wound web can be transferred to the next process or to a sub-contractor.
With YR-206A, only 3 to 4 airshafts are generally required in 1 line and space required for subsequent processes can be saved.

General 3″(76.2mm) airshaft has 1,200 kg duty.
In case of overload at high speed, pipes will be bent or broken down.
These products are enhanced for heavy load with high speed by special structure.

-. 3″(76.2mm) : YR-101A
max. load : 1,500 kg, line speed : 800m/min

-. 6″(151mm) : YR-106A
max. load : 5,000 kg, line speed : 1,000m/min

-. 12″(300mm) : YR-206A
max. load : 5,000 kg, line speed : 1,500m/min
(Used in paper company to replace spools)

In addition, the rubber rollers must be sent to the manufacturer for re-coating if the surface of rubber roller is hardened or damaged, but the airshafts have the advantage of easy maintenance shown on self-repair video below.

Yulrim Airshaft has been supplying YR-206A to many paper companies in Korea, such as Yuhan Kimberly since 2006.
On 2014, We supplied YR-206A to Daio Paper Corporation which is the largest paper company in Japan, received repeat orders in recognition of its quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are fully equipped with facilities, measuring equipment, and design know-how necessary for production.

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