friction shaft



Korean Patent no : 090210

A differential shaft is essential for slit rewinding work.
Each cartridge slips with even torque adjustable by air pressure, which prevents rolls collapse / cutting during work.

Most differential shafts in the market generate this torque by friction between cartridges next to each other, by applying pressure from side.
The problem of this type is;
1. The friction at both ends and the center differs a lot.
2. Slipping force of each cartridge delivers its torque to its neighbor.

YR700 resolves above problems by its unique structure.

1. Air pressure from the inner pipe expands retainers and clamps at the same time as in below figure. This generates even t o rque.

2. Thrust bearing units as in the picture below are installed between each cartridge. and This unit prevents torque being affected by its neighbors.

Available diameter : ø75.5mm (Please inquire for other diameters)
Pitch between cartridges : 44mm
Torque deviation on each cartridges : ±15%

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